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Spy Combat - A Fight Film

Featuring Rose Devlin, Soleil, Rachel Leitiz, Zora, Sasha Lee, Jill Monroe, Laura Lee, Chelsea, Yvette, Hayley, Lisa Marie with Bob and John

Fight sequences are scattered in a storyline that starts with Rose and Soleil teaming up to steal a spy film from Rachel when they meet her on a secluded beach.


The film then goes with Zora and Sasha to England to be sold. As an investigator Jill fights Sasha in a catfight scene. In England, Laura and Chelsea receive the film with investigator Yvette in hot pursuit and another fight occurs. Male agent John then confronts Chelsea and Laura and is quickly beaten. Rose arrives from the USA to help Laura as they hand the film over to foreign agent Hayley who is backed by Lisa Marie, more catfight action to see who keeps the film.


Excellent action of all kinds on 2 continents and a plot too!

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